Six Weirdos, Two Hours, One Awesome Time


Come Meet the Voices Behind Some of Today’s Most Popular Young Adult Fiction!



Scott Blagden, author of DEAR LIFE YOU SUCK/ HMH

Hillary Monahan author MARY: THE SUMMONING/ Disney/ Hyperion

Trisha Leaver author of CREED/ Flux Books

Lauren Roy author of NIGHT OWLS/ Ace Books

K.R. Conway: Author of STORMFRONT

Moderated by Barnstable’s very own Mick Carlon!

Advance registration appreciated by joining this event or contacting Sturgis Library (508.362.6636 /

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A very VERY happy launch day to debut writers Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie who throw their creepy horror thriller CREED out into the huddled masses T-O-D-A-Y!

MY REVIEW can be found here: CREED

Go get it – I dare ya to put the sucker down!


Creed final cover

author pic 1

lindsay author photo



Undertow Series by K.R. Conway

Featured Image -- 1840

KR Conway:

Huge thanks to Books & Sweet Epiphany!

Originally posted on Books & Sweet Epiphany:

Bonjour! It is finally the time for my very first official book review on my wordpress site and I am absolutely excited! I’ve had the chance to do a review on the Undertow series by the amazing author, K.R. Conway and I am absolutely blown away. I will tell you why once you get a look at Undertow, the first in the book series down below.

undertow new

Seventeen-year-old Eila Walker’s new home has defied the brutal Atlantic for over 160 years. Abandoned since her 4th great grandmother Elizabeth vanished, the town legend declares that she drowned . . . or was struck by lightning.

Unbeknownst to the town and Eila, however, is that someone does know what really happened to Elizabeth, and he has returned, determined to protect the last surviving Walker from a history of violence.

But what starts out as a quest for redemption, evolves into something more and…

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Wattpad, Giveaways, and Cruel Summer

I am so very excited to let you all in on a few fabulous things:


CRUEL SUMMER digital cover for goodreadsA. CRUEL SUMMER I am loading to Wattpad (a chapter every Friday until it is set to go live as a print book). The link is here:

If you don’t already know it, UNDERTOW is also loading to WattPad . . . click here:







Secondly, Jackie of the fantabulous She Reads She Blogs has been hosting a Readalong of UNDERTOW. Now, if undertow-giveawayyou have NOT read the sucker, be warned – she offers up spoilers. HOWEVER, starting tomorrow (October 28th, 2014) she will be starting the giveaway and MAN – what a giveaway it is! The link is here:




cape cod beet author night



A.C. Gaughen is shamelessly addicted to staying up far too late (it feels like stealing time), diet coke (it burns so good), Scotland (stupid country stole her heart and won’t give it back. Interpol has been ineffective for prosecution) and thieves (so she technically isn’t that mad at Scotland). She is published by Walker Books / Bloomsbury. GOODREADS, TWITTER, WEBSITE, AMAZON


Barbara Eppich Struna: When the author and her husband Tim, a professional artist, turned forty in the late 1980s, they moved from Ohio with their family to an old 1890 house in Brewster on Cape Cod. The Cape’s history, culture, and brilliant natural light drew them in; this was a place where Tim could paint and Barbara would write. A storyteller at heart, Barbara’s imagination took flight after she unearthed a mysterious pattern of red bricks under ten inches of soil behind her barn. She conjured up a connection to the Bellamy/Hallett legend, and her first novel was born.

She is currently a Member in Letters of the National League of American Pen Women, The Cape Writers Center, and two writing groups. She is a contributing writer to Primetime Magazine. Always a journal writer, she is fascinated by history and writes a blog about the unique facts and myths of Cape Cod. GOODREADS, TWITTER, WEBSITE, AMAZON


GINA FAVA: Gina Fava is a Buffalo, New York native and lives with her family in New England. A University at Buffalo graduate, she also holds a law degree, and has studied both art history and counter-terrorism in Rome. She’s the author of award-winning short stories, and is a member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers of America. The Sculptor, her latest novel, is the first in her Mara Silvestri mystery series. She is also the author of The Race: A HELL Ranger Thriller. Stricken with wanderlust, she travels far and wide to research new characters and new places to murder them. GOODREADS, TWITTER, WEBSITE, AMAZON


STEVE MARINI: Steve’s second novel, Aberration, recently took fourth place in Mystery, earning a Top Ten Finisher Award in the 2013 reader’s poll by Predators and Editors. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Boston University and a B.A. in Business Administration from New England College and has spent over thirty years in the Education/Training field, including posts in higher education and the federal government.

Although he describes himself as a “card carrying New Englander,” he lived for twenty-six years in Maryland while pursuing a career spanning four federal agencies. His background has enabled him to serve as a project manager at the National Security Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Fire Academy and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where he worked with teams of experts in various fields to develop state-of-the-art training for both classrooms and distance learning technologies.

A “Baby Boomer,” Steve has taken up fiction writing as he moved into his career final frontier. Married for thirty-eight years, a father of three and a grandfather, Steve and his wife Louise own a home on Cape Cod that will serve as his private writer’s colony for the years ahead.. GOODREADS, TWITTER, WEBSITE, AMAZON


K.R. CONWAY: Okay – so this is me. Not very exciting, though this oh-so-snazzy blog ( is my site. Click on my profile HERE . . . or just keep reading:

I’m one part crazy and one part professional writer. I’ve been a journalist since 1999, an editor, graphic designer, critique partner for other writers, and book reviewer. I also teach the devious art of telling lies for money to impressionable young people (i.e. I teach fiction craft classes for teens and adults). I write the UNDERTOW series (well, duh).

Because I believe the words “FREE TIME” refer to a parallel universe of which I am banned from, I find myself also on the Board of Directors for the Cape Cod Writers Center, a member of the SCBWI, and the driver of a 16-ton school bus. Apparently I tweet my random thoughts @sharkprose and yup – I am on Facebook, because even my BFF’s dog is. I can’t rank below a dog . . . seriously, I need more friends. The dog is killing me.

I live on Cape Cod with my two children and husband, two dogs (adept at both flatulence and snoring), and a cage-defiant lovebird that sleeps in a miniature tent. This is Cape Cod – even the animals are nuts. GOODREADS, AMAZON, and all the other links are above.

High School Reunions – Go or No?

p_6a1e074d694I’m elderly. Did you know that?

Because I bloody well didn’t realize this horrible fact until I was faced with my 20 year high school reunion.

It was like a face-plant to a sliding glass door.

Twenty YEARS? Where the hell did TWENTY YEARS go?

I mean, I could have sworn we were just being lectured on why it was critically important to NOT throw our moldy graduation caps because they would spear us in the head (a warning which we totally ignored, FYI).

Does time really flee that fast? Are decades truly swallowed up in the speeding tornado of life?

Are Guns N Roses really considered RETRO?

I’ve never been to a reunion, always finding an excuse not to go. The list was long, if not imaginative:


  1. X-Files was in a marathon of reruns.
  2. I was knocked-up.
  3. I lived over the bridge.
  4. My daughter (afore mentioned offspring) was teething. Sick. Crawling. Talking.
  5. The dog ate something weird and I had to sign my life away to Hyannis Animal Hospital.
  6. I got knocked up . . . again. Damn husband.
  7. My car needed to be washed . . . or bombed.
  8. I didn’t really know many people in high school.
  9. I wouldn’t be missed.


And the biggest one . . .




So, here’s the deal about my list. All are basically true, but #10 is NOT a given. Life, I have realized, is breakable. I’ve known this since childhood – seen it too clearly, flirted with it too closely. And yet, it took these past few years to really understand HOW fleeting time can be. How fragile life is.


We are who we are, not because of four years we spent inside a high school together, but because of the twenty years since.


I’m going to reunion this November (and dragging my BFF with me), not to compare my classmates to who they once were, but to meet them as they are now. I’m going so I can learn of all that they have seen and done since the day we threw a bunch of cherry red caps into a brilliant blue sky. And, damn it, I’m going because at our core, we were all Raiders . . . and wicked Rebels.



Stormfront in free on Amazon

Today (October 13th) I am placing STORMFRONT for free on Amazon as a huge thank you to all my readers!!!

Go grab the sucker while you can!



Writing Prompts for the Terminally Stuck

C&HEvery once in a while a storyteller can’t think of . . . well, A STORY TO TELL. That’s when writing prompts come in handy.

Below are a few jumping-off points for potential story ideas (some from me, some I found online).





You wake up feeling refreshed, a new day a new— wait your favorite pair of pants is missing. Darting up from bed you hear a noise outside. A woman is wearing them and looking straight at you. What do you do?


Being a famous rock star is hard. Especially when an alien invasion hits mid-concert. As lasers and abductions abound, do you think your sick beats can stop this catastrophe? Write about how you attempted to fight off the aliens and whether or not you succeeded.


You wake up in—wait this isn’t your room. Confused you step to the mirror and see that you’re Tony Stark . . . and his Iron Man suite is leaning against the wall. What would you do?


You’re a pirate on a small pirate ship that consists of only you, one other pirate and a captain. Recently you ransacked another ship and found a treasure map. After weeks of following it, you’ve finally found the island where “X” marks the spot. Write a scene where you find the buried treasure, only it’s not exactly the treasure you expected to find.


It was a Halloween rules since childhood: Never eat the cookies from Mrs. Hazel’s house. You broke the rule to impress a classmate and now you are growing scales. What will you do?


Your computer won’t shut down when you are getting ready to leave work at five. Instead, it is looping a message, and then attempts to tell you something. What is your computer doing?


You and three classmates end up locked inside the Mall – do you try to get out or do you party like rockstars?


You’re a struggling musician who is playing small clubs on a summer tour across the country and who generally sleeps in your van. But one night, in a small town of Hyannis, a concertgoer offers to let you sleep on his/her couch. You take the offer, but by morning you regret it. Write a story that explains what happens.

Who Killed the Scream Queens

KR Conway:

From my friends over at the Scream Queens!!! Check out their contest!

Originally posted on Story Rebels:

A Chance to Win a casket full of horror and thriller books from the SCREAM QUEEN authors!

Read on . . . if you dare . . .

CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens?

Now it’s up to you to solve this whodunit.

It’s a tragic thing, really, a horrific thing: 9 authors of YA horror who all died under bizarre circumstances. Cat, Courtney, Dawn, Hillary, Jenn, Lauren, Lindsay, Sarah, and Trisha—not one was spared. Whether turned to ash or stone, stabbed with a special blade or found frozen in the mountains, the deaths of Scream Queens are decidedly mysterious … and literary.


It seems as though authorities are pointing the fingers at other YA authors of horror and dark fiction, and a suspect pool has been gathered.

First, this week, from October 7-12th, learn how the Scream Queens perished on this blog

View original 327 more words

Indie author life and other forms of torture

001Last night I had an epiphany.

One would think it would have been obvious to ME for a while now, but it wasn’t.

You see, I am a self-published author, though I refer to myself as an “Indie” mainly because I operate like a business – like a small press. I am also a professional writer, and I don’t say that off the cuff or because I’ve written two novels.

I’m LITERALLY a traditional working writer, so I will admit that gives me a bit of a leg-up in some aspects. And I’ve been a professional writer for nearly two decades – a paid, published, prolific, oh-crap-I’m-on-a-deadline, writer.

Because of my professional background, I WAS a publishing snob – I believed that to be a legitimate success, you needed an editor to praise your work and a Big Six publisher to fork over the dough. I thought you needed the stamp of approval from the publishing gods and a few lines about the deal on Publishers Marketplace.

And even after I decided to jettison my brain and self-publish UNDERTOW (mainly because I wanted to write the story I wanted to write for the first time in my life . . . and I may have been nuts), I was still seeking “traditional” approval. I wanted an agent or a publishing house to suddenly fall on me and say, “Oh YEAH – we want a piece of the action!”

I wanted their approval because I thought I needed it.

I thought I needed their watermark to designate a 10517515_10204074355157117_3745391590896232070_nbook as worthy — as great. The reality is that it is still a total gamble. I’ve read AWESOME traditionally published books and ones that are total junk. I’ve read lots of terrible self-pubbed stuff too, while others are phenomenal . . .  although the kicker is I look AFTERWARDS for a pub imprint on the fabulous books. I know . . . the irony is sick.

And it’s true – to get reviewed in the big newspapers, you DO need such a mark. Many places will scoff at you and ignore you if you say you are self published because in their head, all that matters is a traditional publishing deal. The comments of fans, the rave reviews from book bloggers, means nothing. I take comfort in the fact that so many books come out constantly, that I find book sellers also don’t have a solid grasp on who an author is, even if the author has signed a huge deal and is a screaming success among fans. Seriously – if this describes you, don’t take offense by their lack of knowledge – they are hurled books and press releases all day long. Those writers with the biggest marketing buck are the ones they finally stock.

I am blessed that the UNDERTOW series gets a LOT of action. I owe that almost entirely from the one group of people who I had never really aimed for before as a journalist: fans. I started earning fabulous, dedicated fans and more importantly, they were buying Eila’s story, posting pictures to Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram. They were talking about it, writing fan fiction on it, shooting my crazy story to the top of the Amazon bestseller heap. Teens even started recognizing me IN THE MALL, which was waaaayyyy out of the norm for me (and I don’t put my photo in my books).

10547525_10204064149141973_5852230812710315923_nYes – I wrote UNDERTOW for those teenagers of the Cape (I used to be one when dinosaurs still wandered the earth). I wrote for Cape Cod, but the professional writer in me also sought that “publishing deal” even though I KNEW I had taken myself out of contention the second I self published the book.

So last night, as I was cranking out pages for CRUEL SUMMER, my professional brain kicked in and I started thinking if I should query the manuscript (send it to literary agents). I started wondering if I should throw my hat into the ring with the publishing gods, even though CRUEL SUMMER is a spin off of my books.

But then a message popped up on my author page on Facebook.

It was from a fan. Someone I had never met who lived in Ireland and was head over heels for the series. She said she went to her local bookstore, who refused to order STORMFRONT because I didn’t have a snazzy imprint from the Pub gods. But to her – this random fan who was strolling the streets of a foreign country — it didn’t matter, because she went online and bought it anyway.

And THAT is when I finally realized that those publishing imprints mean nothing to readers. My background as a professional writer, means nothing. The fact that my name is not in Publisher’s Marketplace, means nothing to readers. Hell, sometimes MY NAME means nothing because they never looked at who wrote UNDERTOW.

To the industry, however, those things mean everything.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.25.03 AMIt was then that I realized, that while my professional self wanted to stay in the professional pat-on-the-back track, it was my READERS who made my day. It was their reviews and their thoughts, that counted. They PAID me, and paid me well (thanks BTW!). UNDERTOW will eventually make the same amount as an average publishing advance, not because one person from the right business said, “yes,” but because thousands of readers said, “HELL YEAH!”

For me, that knowledge is humbling. My readers have entrusted me to not let them down and to focus, not on my professional Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.24.45 PMpast, but on my rebellious Indie future. They want characters that they scream for, stories that keep them awake at night, and a crazy author that will aim to always please them.

Yes, it is true that I would like an agent someday and I offer outrageous applause to those awesome friends and writers who DO have publishing deals (and I will push your books into the spotlight as much as possible). But for UNDERTOW and all the books that live inside that world, I will write for my fans and keep it in my control.

My readers may not be from the Big Six publishing houses, but they gave me their stamp of approval . . . by the thousands.

What more could a storyteller ask for?





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