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Books and e-bookGreetings everyone!

I hope you had a great time at the Writers Night Out, presented by the Cape Cod Writers Center. As promised, I am listing all the promo sites on which authors (and publishers) can post their e-books on the days which they will appear for free or at a discount. Some of these sites are only available to Kindle books, whereas others prefer to see your book available though as many channels as possible.


The first list comes from ANDREW BUTCHER’s site, so all credit for the list goes to him.


1. eBookBooster

2. Armadillo eBooks

3. Book Angel

4. Book Freebies

5. Book Pinning

6. ContentMo Free eBooks

7. Deal Seeking Mom

8. Digital Book End

9. Ebook Korner Kafe

10. eReader Utopia

11. Freebies 4 Mom

12. Free Books

13. Free eBooks Blog

14. Free eBooks Daily

15. Free Kindle Books

16. Frugal Freebies

17. Free Stuff Times

18. Great Books Great Deals

19. Hunt 4 Freebies

20. iLoveEbooks

22. Indie Book of the Day

23. Indie Book Promo

24. It’s Write Now

25. Jungle Deals & Steals

26. Kindle Book Promos

27. Kindle Freebies

28. Momma Says Read

29. Pennie Pinchin’ Mom

30. Pin Your Book

31. Sweeties Picks

32. Pixel Scroll

33. Super e-Books

34. The eReader Café

35. Your Daily Ebooks

36. Free Books Hub


38. Talisman Book Publishing

39. eBook Deal of the Day US

40. eBook Deal of the Day UK

41. Books Direct

42. Author Marketing Club

43. Ignite Your Book

44. The Frugal eReader

45. eReader iQ

46. The Digital Ink Spot

47. eReader Perks

48. Free Digital Reads

49. eBookLister

50. Pixel of Ink

51. XTME: English Books

52. Awesome Gang

53. Freebooksy

54. STORY finds

55. Bargain eBook Hunter

56. BookBub

57. Free & Discounted Books

58. Book Goodies

59. BookGoodies for Kids

60. Book Deal Hunter

61. Get Free eBooks

62. Daily Free eBooks

63. Free Book Dude

64. Digital Book Today

65. Kindle Nation Daily

66. eBook Blitz

67. Orangeberry Books Tours

68. The Kindle Book Review

69. Ereader News Today (ENT)

70. Author Marketing Club – Announce your free book

71. eBooks Habit

72. That Book Place

73. Kindle Books and Tips

74. eBooks Free Daily

75. Ask David

76. GalleyCat

77. Books on the Knob

78. eBook Spice (Erotica)

79. Flurries of Wors

80. Indies Unlimited

81. One Hundred Free Books

82. Erotica Every Day

83. Christian Book Readers

84. BookBlast

85. Kindle Fire Department

86. BookGorilla


87. Addicted to eBooks

88. Snickslist

89. Free Book Club

90. Daily Cheap Reads

91. Best eBooks World


Note: I haven’t checked these Facebook pages in a while. Some may not be relevant anymore, but here they are for you to check anywhere … Please don’t spam them though! You may have to join some of these pages/groups beforehand so that you are allowed to post to them. As a favour to the page owners (in return for them allowing you to post your book), be sure to ‘like’ and share all of the pages that you post to. Check the ‘about’ sections on all of these pages to see what content, if any, they are happy for you to post. Also check if it’s a UK or a US page. For most of these pages it’s okay to just post straight onto their timeline, but I recommend reading each page’s policies.



These forums allow you to sign up and post one thread about your book to them. But make sure you read these forums’ policies and post in the correct boards on their sites.



LIST 2: Paid advertising sites (if you book is free or on sale) FROM Rachelle’s Window


Writing Real Characters

So, lately I’ve not been here, on my blog, because I am trying to get the final edits to CRUEL SUMMER done, so you can get your hot little hands on Kian, Ana, and MJ on March 16th, 2015 at the Girl Power Author Panel (deets to come). But I needed to squeeze in some time to address a few things because, quite honestly, I have the MOST AWESOME EVER FANS. OMG – it blows my mind! I can’t ever tell them thank you enough!

cruel summer book launch


Okay – actually, they aren’t MY fans (I’m fairly boring and steal clothes from my fourteen year old daughter’s closet). They are mad fans of MY CHARACTERS, which is WAAAAYYYY more important. No seriously – it is.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 5.23.36 PMPeople are posting left and right that they are re-reading Undertow and Stormfront for the second, third – hell, sometimes FOURTH time. That every time they read it, they like it more and find more “trinkets” buried in the books (and, oh man, are there a lot of trinkets).

Because I write a series of books built on the same characters, I know that I better create characters that readers adore, or they aren’t going to want to continue with the series. But for fans and reviewers to be re-reading the books?? WOW! I am so EXCITED! And my books are sizable – heck, CRUEL SUMMER is actually a NOVEL (not a novella) and STORMFRONT could be used as a weapon, it’s so heavy (112,000 words if you’re wondering). TRUE NORTH will be a beast as well. I’m terrified of writing that one, not because of its size, but because of the stakes at hand.

18 year old Colby McWilliams was the original model for "Raef." He still is a fan of his "killer turned savior" character.

18 year old Colby McWilliams was the original model for “Raef.” He is still a fan of his “killer turned savior” alter-ego.

I never, EVER want to disappoint my readership, and I’ve hit that point where I want each new novel to out-do the last. I want to give readers that epic story, and that weighs on me often.

Some days, the doubt feels bigger and heavier than Kian’s yacht.

And though the entire story was always set (I knew the last scene from day 1), getting these very real characters to that point, is a hair-pulling experience. Plus, the Undertow story web is so complex, it looks like a street map of Boston’s downtown. And keeping track of all those zillions of little trinkets that I’ve placed throughout the story are starting to melt my brain.

And yes – CRUEL SUMMER adds to that complex, trinket-ridden web in very sneaky ways.


Even worse, I’ve found out a bit late that if you write character driven stories, sometimes the characters mutiny and TAKE OVER THE F-ING story!! Eila, Ana, Raef, Kian, and MJ all have fans because they act like real, fully developed people. They have personalities, ways of talking, motivations, flaws, fears, love, and hate. They even have mannerisms and a set style. And just like a REAL person, you can’t force someone to do something.

In interviews, people have asked how I came up with the characters. The answer is simple: I started with a set of personalities that didn’t work well together and forced them to cooperate:

Content People Watcher (EILA)

In Your Face Loner (ANA)

The Quiet Craftsman (RAEF)

Self-Centered Money (KIAN)

Goofy, Loyal Friend (MJ)


I always search the internet for faces and emotions of characters, and the "feel" of Rillin Blackwood I found in a photo of a famous rocker.

I always search the internet for faces and emotions of characters, and the “feel” of Rillin Blackwood I found in a photo of a famous rocker.

I assigned names to those traits, and from there, I built out the characters.

The clash of who they are as people, is what makes them so real. I then place them into an adventure that tests those traits and forces them into positions that are in conflict with who they are morally and psychologically. I do this FOR EVERY character that appears in the series. It’s a time-consuming process (darn ‘ye, Psych degree!)

To build REAL characters, you can’t just throw personality traits at them and hope they stick. You need to know WHY they act a given way, not just within the story, but from the day they are born. We humans are a result of both nature and nurture – what traits we are born with and how our environment impacts the person we become. But those core traits, the ones we are born with, dictate HOW we react in a given situation. Basically I assign a Zodiac sign to each character.

I then write out all the scenes I see happening to each character and place them on index cards, with one card in the middle that gives me the climax. From there, I work backwards, setting the story up in reverse.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 5.25.21 PM


This series has been a test of my sanity, but I am propelled forward by those readers who adored the story. I keep pushing the limits because of the fans, seeking an epic adventure that will be re-read and handed-off for years to come. And I vow to always do my best – by the story, the characters, and my readers.

My goal is simple: to leave the reader screaming for more.


Check our reviewer Ann Quinn’s awesome YouTube review of UNDERTOW!

Happy 2015

undertow happy new year

Common Core, I SMITE THEE!


I had many, MANY requests from teachers for an educator’s guide for UNDERTOW. After much procrastinating (and perhaps rolling around on the floor, pitching a hissy fit), I finally sat down and made one.

OMG, no wonder authors hire OTHER crazy people to do this.

Anyway, here it is for all you hard working, fabulous teachers who wanted to bring Undertow into the classroom. If this makes your life easier, then it was worth all the screaming and chocolate I ingested over the last six hours.

Although . . . I will probably regret that entire jumbo bag of M&Ms later.

Maybe the Dove bar as well.

And the Starbucks.

Good Lord, I’ll be up all night . . .



I’m Baaaacccckkkk

Nuf’ said . . .


mutant brain cells sturgis

Book Review: ZEROBOXER by Fonda Lee



Flux, April 8, 2015

Preorder: AMAZON, B&N


A high-action sci-fi about a young man battling to make it to the top in the world of zero gravity prizefighting, amid brewing interplanetary conflict, pitched as Rocky meets Gattaca.

Eighteen-year-old Carr “the Raptor” Luka is an athletic phenom, a rising star in the weightless combat sport of zeroboxing. Training and competing aboard the lunar orbiting city-station of Valtego (where It’s More Fun on the Dark Side TM), all he’s ever wanted is to win the championship title.

His talent and marketability don’t go unnoticed by the top brass of the Zero Gravity Fighting Association. They assign him a brandhelm; after all, anyone who wants to be anyone needs a dedicated personal marketing strategist. Beautiful and ambitious, Risha is one of the genetically engineered Martian colonists that Earth dwellers view with resentment and suspicion. It isn’t long before she’s made Carr into a popular celebrity, and stolen his heart along the way.

But success could be the worst thing that happens to them. As his fame grows, Carr must come to terms with the fact that he’s become an inspirational hero on Earth, a once-great planet now angry at falling into the shadow of its more prosperous colonies. When Carr learns of a far-reaching criminal scheme, he becomes the keeper of a devastating personal secret. Not only will his choices place into jeopardy everything he holds dear, they may spill the violence from the sports arena out into the solar system.



“Victory was a better high than a hundred bliss bombs. Perfect and real, lasting for days, even weeks, before being polished and stored in its own special nook of the soul, each win in his collection unique and everlasting, wanting nothing except more neighbors.” – Carr “The Raptor” Luka

Zeroboxer landed on the top of my TBR list for 2015 for several reasons:

First: the cover (which I though were headdress-like masks initially) was FABULOUS. FYI – those are wings on the front, NOT masks a la Stargate on the cover. Either way, it’s cool.

Second: the description, which pitched it as a sci-fi twist on Rocky. Let me tell ya, no one is a bigger Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek fan than moi, so the setting hooked me.

Third: I’m a huge fan of great sports films (I know – go figure, I ride horses and haven’t seen Secretariat).

Zeroboxer surprised me, but in a good way. It wasn’t what I was expecting.

In fact, if I compared Zeroboxer to anything, it brings to mind the themes in Any Given Sunday, The Fighter, and Million Dollar Baby. I loved all three films.

The story follows Carr, a young, brilliant zeroboxer from Earth whose star is on the rise. He is jaw-dropping in the cube (aka the zerogravity cage), riding high on his fame and taken under the wing of a Martian zeroboxing association giant, Bax Gant. He is assigned a Martian brandhelm, the beautiful Risha, who becomes a love interest (FYI – the romance is a very, VERY distant secondary story, so don’t think this is a romance AT ALL, although there is some nudity mentioned). Soon Carr’s world comes crashing down when he realizes he is a pawn and his zeroboxing days are numbered . . . and jail (or worse) may loom in the future if he is not careful.

This story, at its core, is about a young athlete’s love of the game and the struggle to come to terms with its darker, corrupted side . . . but that’s not exactly what the teaser says. I didn’t see Risha as “ambitious” (a word that pulls a negative undertone in the teaser), I didn’t get some horrible conflict between earth and the Martian colonist (they’re a bit pissed, but eh), and I didn’t get anything in regards to the violence from the sports arena spilling into the solar system (there is a throw down in the arena and a fisticuff at the embassy, but nothing like WWII).

So, after reading the teaser, I went into the book thinking that this was going to be a story about a young star’s rise in the Zeroboxing world amid corruption, but that he and his Martian brandhelm discover a plot that will ignite a war between races (Terrans and Martians) and he must choose which side to stand with.

This is totally NOT that story, BUT what I read was still AWESOME.

Fonda Lee’s vividly imagined world of weightless cage fighters is PERFECT for any older male teen who is obsessed with sports. In fact, I was recommending Zeroboxer yesterday to a young man I knew who adores Fight Club. I’ve been talking it up with the bookstores near me, who often stock whatever I recommend, especially since this book (unlike any other I’ve read) is IDEAL for those reluctant male readers. Zeroboxer is the literary form of those video games that male teenagers adore, igniting their own desire to win and keep them reading late into the night in the hopes that Carr will succeed in life and in the cube.

Lee’s story of fierce determination in the brutal sport of zerogravity cage-fighting, will no doubt be the top pick of 2015 for every teenage boy who ever fought their way to the top, and put all they had on the line.

Zeroboxer is a epic victory dance for every parent who is seeking that one, unputdownable story for their teenage son.





2014 Osterville Village Holiday Stroll

We Cape Codders like our traditions, and with multiple small villages scattered throughout the Cape, it’s no wonder we adore a chance to hang with our neighbors. On Cape Cod, everybody knows everybody, or at least knows a friend of a friend. Cape Codders also speak in a weird language all their own, sometimes unbreakable by the best code workers in the FBI.

Conversations often go something like this when defining a place to meet up:

Local A: “So where we meeting?”

Local B: “You know – it’s on that corner with the giant flag pole, across from the shop with the porch thingie, just before you pass that area where you can pick blue berries. If you get to the mini goats, you’ve gone to far.”

Local A: “Oh, yeah yeah. Hey – I thought they sold the goats and got llamas?”

Local B: “No way! Who took the goats?”

Local A: “Oh, well – you know the librarian at So and So library?”

Local B: “Oh, yeah – totally. She’s so nice.”

Local A: “Well, you know that Boobie Buoy she wears all the time?”

Local B: “Yup – My neighbor makes them!”

Local A: “Well, he’s the one that bought the goats for inspiration.”

Local B: “Oh . . .  well, that explains where all my tulips went. I’d cursed out the squirrels for no reason, apparently.”

Local A: “On the bright side, maybe he can pay you back . . . with a buoy.”

Local B: “HA! Wicked idea!”


Long story short: I’m at the OSTERVILLE VILLAGE STROLL tonight, at the bookstore near the flag pole thingie, near the far end of Main Street. See below and have fun!



My TBR for 2015 (thus far anyway)

Soooo, below are some of the books that I am dying to read for 2015 SO FAR (my list grows weekly, I swear). Some are already out, some will release in the coming months, but ALL (yes, ALL) are on my Santa list . . . unless that damn elf rats me out.

If anyone knows Fonda Lee, tell her I will even sacrifice the afore mentioned shelf-dweller to my dog as a chew toy if I can get an ARC of Zeroboxer!! BEYOND excited about that one!!

What’s on YOUR TBR??


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Why the agony of writing for teens is worth it

Girl reading a book on the floor.Writers can become burned out.

I don’t mean the hyperventilating, “OMG I have no story ideas!” type of burn out. I mean the grind of the words, the constant push to out-write your last book, the stiff necks, the time crunches, and the piecemealing of a life outside of your characters’ worlds.

You try to balance the requests from bookstores, the demands to meet deadlines, the desperate need to spend time with your family and your children, and (for many of us), the 9 to 5 of a day job as well.

Novel-writing is the ultimate act of endurance, with a finish line that seems to never fully reveal itself. And once you have finished one story, polished and in print, you immediately are looking to churn out the next book.

I started to feel the burn out when I was finishing up CRUEL SUMMER.  In the past 2 years, I had churned out close to 300,000 words related to the UNDERTOW series. Let me tell ya – that’s a lot of freakin’ words!

I’ve worked as a writer since 1999, and in all those years, I never got burned out as a journalist. But in all those years, I didn’t have the fans I have now. And they are like – HARDCORE FANS. They burn through those 300k words in just a couple of days, because they can’t put the book down. Because they must keep going, or they will obsess about Eila and her crew all day long, which is great and all, but I start to panic and think, “I need to get another book done for them, like, YESTERDAY!”

And my fans are voracious readers. I often get messaged that this kid or that kid has read STORMFRONT in a day (112k words) or that they are re-reading UNDERTOW for the 5th TIME! I don’t even think I’ve read Undertow cover to cover more than twice, and that was when it was in its editing phase! Some fans buy EVERY cover version, because they must have them all (0_0)

So, when I start to feel the burn out lurking in my life, I remember those fans. Those that flip out so entirely over the characters, that their Christmas lists are loaded with Undertow stuff.

I don’t get to usually see fans outside of book events, but the other day I saw one reading my book, and what I saw filled me with determination to work even harder.

You see, I drive a school bus during the day, filled with my target audience. While I can only really see the tops of kids’ heads when I drive, I do have to walk to the back of the bus when I pull up to the middle school to unload. The other day, while I walked to the back of the bus to disengage a warning button, I saw one girl sitting and reading, oblivious to the fact that we were at the school. At first I didn’t pay much attention, but then I did a double-take.

I knew that font.

I knew that line.

She was reading STORMFRONT. I didn’t bother her, but kept going and unloaded the bus, but she hung back, sliding into the seat behind my driver’s one. “This is so unbelievably awesome,” she says to me. “I was up from, like, 8 to 11 last night reading. And I reread Undertow over the weekend, but OMG. I love this!”

I thanked her and blushed a tad, thrilled she was enjoying it.

At the end of the day, I drove her home with a bus full of half-crazed teens. I was focused on getting the kids home safely and not losing my mind, so I wasn’t really paying close attention to what she was holding as I unloaded at her stop. But as I saw her walk away, I realized she had gotten off with the book tucked under her arm. I watched, floored, as she walked towards her home, Stormfront in her hands as she read.

She wasn’t on her phone. She wasn’t hanging with the other kids and talking. She was lost inside my book, living alongside my fictional characters, reading as she walked. Suddenly that lurking burn-out vanished and I remembered why I write.

I do it for teens like her, who want to fall so entirely in love with a story that their own reality tumbles away.

I write for the fans, and in turn, they are my creative jolt.

They power me past the burn out.

They are my army and my saving grace . . . and I pledge my undying loyalty to their awesomeness.

Group of friends


Six Weirdos, Two Hours, One Awesome Time


Come Meet the Voices Behind Some of Today’s Most Popular Young Adult Fiction!



Scott Blagden, author of DEAR LIFE YOU SUCK/ HMH

Hillary Monahan author MARY: THE SUMMONING/ Disney/ Hyperion

Trisha Leaver author of CREED/ Flux Books

Lauren Roy author of NIGHT OWLS/ Ace Books

K.R. Conway: Author of STORMFRONT

Moderated by Barnstable’s very own Mick Carlon!

Advance registration appreciated by joining this event or contacting Sturgis Library (508.362.6636 /

facebook-logoRSVP on FACEBOOK:

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