2014 Osterville Village Holiday Stroll

We Cape Codders like our traditions, and with multiple small villages scattered throughout the Cape, it’s no wonder we adore a chance to hang with our neighbors. On Cape Cod, everybody knows everybody, or at least knows a friend of a friend. Cape Codders also speak in a weird language all their own, sometimes unbreakable by the best code workers in the FBI.

Conversations often go something like this when defining a place to meet up:

Local A: “So where we meeting?”

Local B: “You know – it’s on that corner with the giant flag pole, across from the shop with the porch thingie, just before you pass that area where you can pick blue berries. If you get to the mini goats, you’ve gone to far.”

Local A: “Oh, yeah yeah. Hey – I thought they sold the goats and got llamas?”

Local B: “No way! Who took the goats?”

Local A: “Oh, well – you know the librarian at So and So library?”

Local B: “Oh, yeah – totally. She’s so nice.”

Local A: “Well, you know that Boobie Buoy she wears all the time?”

Local B: “Yup – My neighbor makes them!”

Local A: “Well, he’s the one that bought the goats for inspiration.”

Local B: “Oh . . .  well, that explains where all my tulips went. I’d cursed out the squirrels for no reason, apparently.”

Local A: “On the bright side, maybe he can pay you back . . . with a buoy.”

Local B: “HA! Wicked idea!”


Long story short: I’m at the OSTERVILLE VILLAGE STROLL tonight, at the bookstore near the flag pole thingie, near the far end of Main Street. See below and have fun!



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