#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 25

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 25

Today’s Office

Who picks these topics?? Dude, I have no desire to clean my office for an Instagram pic! Heck with it – here is my office, disaster style with a side of teenager bedroom in the background.igauthorlife-day-25

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 24

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 24 Todays Today List

I write a series of Urban Fantasy books that have been compared to City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (and I admit, I haven’t read them). The final book, Last Light, is due out this year and quite honestly, the series is loaded with new supernatural characters, a million twists and reveals, and a TON of pages.

I’ve been writing this series since 2012, and this final book, Last Light, will be a doozy, pulling together every small breadcrumb I’ve scattered along the way. Because of this, I had to print part of the manuscript (the first 60k) and read through it from page 1 to page 300. So that was my To Do List for today: read my own craziness.

And now my brain hurts . . . how do my fans DO this???


#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 21 Author Crush

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 21 Author Crush

THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. I have a crush on so many, MANY authors, so I call today’s challenge “BS!” but, whatever. These are some of my all-time favorite authors thanks to the brilliant books they write. Eva Darrow’s for The Awesome, Sarah Maas for Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, AC Gaughen for Scarlet series, Jennifer Armentrout for the Lux series, Renee Ahdieh for The Wrath and the Dawn, Leigh Bardugo for the Shadow and Bone series, and Veronica Rossi for the Never Sky seriesigauthorlife-day-21

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 20 Currently Reading

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 20 Currently Reading

I always have books piled on my nightstand and I’m usually in the processing of reading at least one all the time. I just finished Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, which I did enjoy, and I ordered the next book, Scarlet (I’m waiting for it to arrive at Titcombs Bookshop). I also got the complete End of Days series from the dog for Christmas. Yes – from the dog. Anyway, I’ve heard great things about the series, so I’m starting the first book, Angelfall, tonight. What are YOU reading?


#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 19 Favorite Review

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 19 Favorite Review

This was tough for me to choose, but I always loved the review I got from Jackie at She Reads She Blogs. While we authors can get our butts kicked from time to time with reviews, the really great ones make up for the bad ones ten times over :)



#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 18 Writing Tips

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 18 Writing Tips

This #writertip is so simple, yet often overlooked. If you want to be a writer, you MUST be a reader. We learn our craft from other writers – how to turn a phrase, compose a fight scene, build rich characters – everything. When I teach a writing class, I’ll ask participants if they read novels, and more often than not, these new writers will confess they don’t read that often. Reading is our form of TRAINING – our workout. If you don’t want to read, then don’t be a writer.



#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 17 – Teaser Tuesday

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 17 – Teaser Tuesday

This is from a manuscript that is not part of Undertow, but a new world with new characters. Enjoy :)


#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 16 – Favorite Bookstore

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 16 – Favorite Bookstore

Dude, this one is a no-brainer. I HEART Titcombs!! I am a mad fan of all bookstores to be honest, though I hold a special place in my heart for the Indie shops :) Shop local and make a difference for the families that own these shops!




#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 15 – A Book and a Mug

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 15 – A Book and a Mug

Truthfully, the devil in me wanted to post a mugshot, but I have yet to be tossed in jail, so I was lacking in that department. Goals . . . perhaps I should add it to the Vision Board thing.

Anyway, I took a photo of a mug (cup, not face) that I purchased at The King and I, which I saw at the Providence theater. It was flawless! I went with my mom and daughter (thanks, Mom!), and my daughter was awed by the beauty of the theater.

Being a kid who grew up with a playwright and actress for a mother, I was used to the theater, but my daughter – it was a totally new experience for her. Afterward, she talked about going again, and I hope to take her to see RENT at some point. If you ever have the chance, go see a play. It’s yet another way to tell a story and become lost in the vibrant world tucked into three hours at a theater.

Now, under my King and I mug, I stacked what I consider to be a MUST READ series for writers. Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone (The Grisha series) is truly some of the finest, most exquisite writing I have ever read. I consider them to be a critical, essential part of being a writer. After all, reading is how we learn our craft and hone our methods. Shadow and Bone is a cornerstone course in how to write and world-weave, and I refer to it frequently when teaching writing classes, participating in author panels, and visiting schools. #lbardugo





#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 14 – National Vision Board Day

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 14 – National Vision Board Day

I’d like to start this post by saying I had no clue what the Vision Board Day thing was. I actually thought is was like, a vision test. You know? Read the letters on the board a mile from ya? Yeah – I’m outta the loop, obviously.

Anyway, if I had one overall vision for 2017 for me, as a writer, it would be to be in the query trenches by December, get picked as a presenter at DragonCon, be able to join SFWA, and possibly have a manuscript that has a shot at a YALSA award.

‘Course, I also want to win the lottery and not have my country be a dystopian disaster, but, hey – my ambitions are lofty, if not entirely unrealistic.



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