#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 10 Amwriting

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 10

#Amwriting #Amrevising

Truth: I’m always writing, even though sometimes it’s in my head. Right now, however, I am focused on Last Light. Though I am itching to try my hand at some new characters and worlds, I adore my Undertow crew and want to send them out in wild style with Last Light. It will be a BIG book!


#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 9 – Where I Write

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 9

Where I Write

Where I write is on the 3rd floor of my home on Cape Cod. From the windows, I can see Cape Cod Bay all the way out to Provincetown. It is quite beautiful and I’m blessed to have such a view. But I also write in front of my fireplace, at the beach, in the school bus, jammed in my car – you name it, if the muse strikes, I write.

For the purposes of #IGAuthorLifeJan however, I’m posting a picture of my view from my office – it was a foggy day on old Cape Cod when I took this photo and I was working on a Vlog for Hall High School in CT (that’s my Yeti mic next to my Mac).



#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 8 Sock Wednesday

662f266a19ea62585b496119ba918bcd#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 8

Sock Wednesday

Okay folks – I’ve got this one in the bag! I’m a SOCK FREAK! My favorite sock company is Stance, and I can even remember when I got my first pair – an impulse buy thanks to my mom at a surf shop in West Palm Beach. They are the most comfortable, coolest-looking socks on the planet. I even asked for pairs for CHRISTMAS. Yes – I’m that addicted.

This year I scored Star Wars socks (R2D2 and C3PO and Leia and Gabba). I gotta say – if you hate cold feet and you love wild socks, this company is a MUST!



#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 7 How do I relax

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 7

How I relax

Seriously? How do I relax? Dude – I’m a novelist, a bus driver, and a graphic artist PLUS the parent of a driving teen and an 8 year old with a Minecraft addiction.

Relax? WTH is that?

Summer. I relax in summer . . . until I try to drive anywhere on Cape Cod and get stuck in traffic that lasts eons.


#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 6 WIP

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 6

WIP (Work in Progress)

I’m working on Last Light . . . mainly because fans would knock down my door and burn my computer if I didn’t get the sucker done soon. I will admit . . . I LOVE this book . . . mwaa haa haa!



#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 5 My Writing Uniform

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 5

My Writing Uniform

So, the idea that I have a writing uniform that is anything beyond my ancient college duds and what I can scam off my 16 year old daughter, is laughable.

I wear what is clean and comfy, y’all. Don’t look for me in anything trendy, although in this photo I am wearing an American Horror Story hat from Hot Topic. It reads, “Normal People Scare Me.” Ain’t that the truth . . .



#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 4 TBR


Day 4: My TBR pile for the month

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time reading when I’m eyeball deep in writing. So while I did get to read The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia over Christmas break, I doubt I’ll get to read much of my TBR for January due to the pressing need to write Last Light.

Yeah – you KNOW you want me to finish that sucker.

Anyway, in a perfect world, I’d write my fingers off and read all these . . . (including my OWN manuscript, Last Light) in the bitter cold month of January.


#IGAuthorLifeJan Day 3 – A Word for 2017


So, this is Day 3 of #IGAuthorLifeJan and it called for a “word for 2017.”

This one is easy for me and I’ll hope you’ll join me in making it your mantra for the next 12 months (although you can skip the “terrorist” part): 

This year, pledge to stand-up and be heard, even if your beliefs rattle the status quo. Speak up, speak out, and be counted. Be passionate and involved. Don’t stand for tyranny, ignorance, or hate. Be brave in all that you do and in all forms that you can.

Be brave. Be fearless. Be a kick-ass Jedi.




#IGAuthorLifeJan Day 2 – Goals

So, today for the #IGAuthorLifeJan the theme is “Goals.”

This is also known as “Lies formerly known as goals before life got in the way,” but hey . . . wadda I know, right?

So, if I could shoot for the moon, then my goals would be to wrap Last Light up in March and have Paint the Ponies done by the end of the summer and headed out to agents in query hell.

I’d also like to offer up an epic author visit to the kids of Hall High School of West Hartford CT in April and hopefully knock it out of the park for Derry Author Fest (in NH, also in April).

I’d like to take my hubby, son, daughter, and her boytoy (boyfriend) to Fenway to see the Red Sox play, and I’d like to scream my way through a rock concert this summer. I want to see college friends I haven’t seen in a while and have a legendary 4th of July in my new beachside neighborhood.

And I want to give back, endlessly, wherever I’m needed.

I want to leave people with stories and memories that make them smile, even on the darkest days.

I want to do whatever is needed to help my country to heal.

I want to boost my friends, my family, and those I may never hear from again.

And lastly, I don’t want to have to bail anyone out of jail for stupid schemes that went awry (if they were epic in intent though, I may be able to bail ya out as monetary praise for sheer ambition).

And lastly, refuse to act like an adult whenever possible.



#IGAuthorLifeJan Day 1 – Happy New Year

igauthorlife-day-1Happy New Year!

So, 2016 was, well, interesting.

Okay, more like one long session of torture at the base of Mordor, especially if you had to survive the US election with your brain cells intact.

I didn’t get much writing done in 2016, but after a health issue (and the enormous selflessness of so many many people who came to my aid), a summer packed with author events, buying and selling a home, and getting back to driving a 16-ton school bus, I’m happy to report that I’m back on my feet and writing like a maniac.

And, well, I do write like a mental case . . . which translates to my books if you’ve ever read any of them. And, yes, I make resolutions (not that they stick around for too long). This year, however, I’m determined to kick off the New Year right with my first resolution being that I will COMPLETE the #IGAuthorLifeJan challenge. The list is below for each day, but today is #1 – Happy New Year!

It’s a photo challenge, thanks to bleeping Instagram, so my picture is at the top of this post for Day 1: New Year = out with the old, in with the new (courtesy of Narl the Wonder Chicken, aka Peep my Lovebird). You can follow me on Instagram HERE. Cheers!



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